The German classic wine glass brand with a history of more than 200 years - Oberglas

Oberglas Focus on making elegant and practical high-end glasses. Over the past 200 years, we have continuously invested in improving production technology and training employees, so that the factory meets strict production standards and obtains relevant certificates. Its unique IS-Technology (high-temperature glass pressing technology) adds an additional pressing process compared to the traditional method, making the beer glasses lighter and more durable, with a glossier surface, so that each wine glass has the same quality. Thanks to years of persistence and meticulousness, Oberglas has become an internationally renowned brand and one of the most capable suppliers of beer glasses, wine glasses, and water glasses for high-end hotels and catering industries. It is also your best wine tasting partner.

Isar beer glass - let you have the feeling of being in the Oktoberfest

The glass style that Oberglas is most proud of – Isar, the name of Isar comes from a river in Austria and Germany, which flows through Munich, with a total length of 295 meters, representing the beer flowing into the glass like a river.

Oberglas uses the unique IS-Technology (high-temperature glass pressing technology), which makes the beer glasses lighter and more durable, with a more glossy surface. The beer contained in Isar looks shining under the sunlight. There are more than 160 types of Oberglas beer glasses made with IS technology, highlighting innovative ideas. To taste the best taste and get the best experience, Oberglas beer mugs from Germany are essential.

Crystal clear lead-free glass wine glass

The Oberglas red wine glass is also an extraordinary classic, a masterpiece handed down from many years of craftsmanship. The special lead-free crystal formula makes the body of the cup crystal clear and the surface is light and thin, making the color of the wine more vivid and charming. In terms of practicality, the unique formula makes the cup body scratch-resistant and durable, and it is healthy and harmless.

In recent years, Oberglas has invested a lot of money to develop a unique automatic stretching process. The machine imitates the movement and strength of human hands when making wine glasses. It has successfully brought many years of traditional craftsman technology into automatic production, making the quality of wine glasses comparable to handmade wine glasses. The body of the cup is thin and the surface is glossy, which is extremely rare in the market.

Oberglas Red Wine Glass Series-Passion and Sensation

Sensation uses the most common curve design. Based on its experience, Oberglas has designed the most rounded and natural curve. In addition to being conducive to sobering up and letting the aroma come out vividly, the noble and perfect body design can bring people a perfect visual enjoyment. , the light and shadow reflected by the elegant curve are quite charming. With the high-cold touch of the wine glass, every touch and every sip can bring unforgettable memories to your senses. Excellent craftsmanship makes it stand out from other similar styles

Passion series cups adopt unique tie rod technology. When the wine glass is made, the cup body and the cup foot are integrally formed. The seamless connection makes the cup foot not easy to break. It is a reliable partner when tasting wine. Cut with a laser rim for a smooth, flawless finish that feels so smooth in the hand that you can't put it down.

The square design of the new cup can increase the contact between the wine and the air, thereby speeding up the oxidation process, and the aroma of the wine will be stronger. With the square design, the lower half of the cup body has a wider space, making the wine look more Full-bodied, the perception is even better, just like the brand name 'Passion' when you taste the wine, you can feel the passion of the wine.