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Cold/Hot Steam Moisturizing Beauty Instrument Nano Ion Mist Moisture

Family use steam facial beauty, air humidification, external water tank, easy to add water.

Upgraded version of essential oil face steaming features:
1. Lighten acne marks - equipped with lavender essential oil, which can increase the self-healing effect of damaged skin and effectively improve acne marks
2. Clean pores - heat-sensitive fumigation can regulate unclean and clogged skin, and it has a good effect on regulating blackheads and acne
3. Balance water and oil - cold atomized water, steaming face with essential oil can control skin oil secretion, adjust skin ph value, and achieve effective hydration
4. Personal treatment course - there is an essential oil compartment, you can add essential oil or milk suitable for your skin for fumigation, and the mist will extract a variety of nutritional essence to promote skin absorption

Rated power: 320W
Rated frequency: 50Hz Capacity: 200ml
Product size: 175x151x290mm
1 year warranty