Electric Scraping Device Facial Microcurrent Massager

Electric Scraping Device Facial Microcurrent Massager

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V-face skin rejuvenation, skin-sculpting and beautifying artifact

3 major functions - micro-current to lift and tighten skin, vibration to introduce skin care products, warm and soothing to promote blood circulation


1. Micro-current lifts and tightens the skin to shape the skin, vibrates and wakes up the skin and introduces nutrient essence, warming and rejuvenating the skin.
2. Ionic myoelectric stimulation for firming the V face, EMS current activates facial muscles, the skin becomes firmer obviously, and fine lines fade
3. Dilute neck lines, relieve swelling - micro-current assisted pressing, muscle activation pressing, relieve skin sagging
4. Moisturize the skin at constant temperature and promote circulation - through the physical thermal effect, the muscles are relaxed, the pressure is released, and the fatigue is relieved
5. Five levels of vibration adjustment, with different skin care products, choose different levels to promote nutrient absorption
6. "Multiple parts" is applicable, health starts from here - scraping to remove dampness, clearing lymph, you can also enjoy high-efficiency treatments in beauty salons at home

Product model: CBKD817
Product Dimensions: 138 x 66 x 20mm
Net weight: 61g
USB charging
Input voltage: 5V/1A
Power: 5W
1 year warranty